From Iran-Contra to the Darfur Conflict


The Damanga Coalition for Freedom and Democracy was shocked by the Sep. 30, 2009 Washington Post article “A Cold Man, a Hot War, and a Legal Gray Area”. The article discusses Reagan administration national security adviser Robert McFarlane’s involvement with the Sudanese government, which includes brokering a deal to help normalize relations between the U.S. and Sudan and to remove the U.S.-backed sanctions.  However, normalizing relations between the two governments will fail to hold Sudanese president Omar Hassan al-Bashir and his regime accountable for the war crimes being perpetrated in Darfur with their knowledge and support. McFarlane took advantage of the situation in Darfur, and he is creating a situation that will enable the criminals of Sudan to escape from justice instead of facilitating peace.  

It is appalling that someone that once held such a significant position and still possesses a great deal of influence is using his expertise to make money instead of helping to spare innocent lives.  The people of Darfur are being eliminated and raped, and are losing their livelihoods as their lands are destroyed or confiscated.  There are no words to describe the selfishness and greed associated with such a deal. This article offers only a small amount of information about the secret negotiations taking place.  What about the hidden details that remain unknown?  Who else is associated with this contract that will continue to exploit the lives of innocent Darfuris? 
Damanga and the people of Darfur ask the Obama administration and the United Nations to immediately conduct an investigation into this terrible matter, and to hold those exploiting human tragedies for money accountability.

  Washington Post article: