Darfur News Updates: late March- April 6, 2009

Abuzar Camp
April 6, 2009-Damanga Coalition for Freedom and Democracy has received information confirming that Abuzar Camp was attacked and burned for the third time since March 4th, 2009. Sudanese government personnel and Janjaweed militiamen blocked all efforts to extinguish the fire, causing the death of five refugees & leaving dozens suffering with severe burns. 90% of the camp was destroyed as a result as well.
Thousands of refugees have tried to flee to the Chad border, but have met only more resistance from the Janjaweed who have blocked all borders out of Sudan. Mr. Saad Bahreldin, the King of the Massaleit tribe, has provided only minimal help to his people from the Abuzar camp by financially aiding the rebuilding of a few makeshift tents. However, his help is merely minimal and not sufficient for a legitimate recovery.
To make matters worse, no food or aid has been given within the last two months to western Darfurians from the Abuzar, Ardamata, Ker dang, Riyadh, and Dorti camps as well as those from the Al-geneina area. Food supplies have dwindled and are no longer existent in these areas, causing a rise in the death toll to be inevitable.

Morny Camp Burned
April 1, 2009- Over six sources have confirmed that Morny Camp, one of the largest camps in west Darfur, located southeast of Al-geneina was attacked, burned, and destroyed under the direct orders of President Al-Bashir.  The president instructed Janjaweed and government personnel to "destroy them, burn them and kill them, Do what ever it takes, Don't leave anything, since they are the reason for my Indictment. If I was arrested at anytime, then bring the Hell on them."
Assasination of Local Minister Inside Al-geneina City
March 28, 2009- A Janjaweed marked vehicle opened fire on Local Minister Muhamed Zain Ezzedin in front of his house that is east of Al-geneina town market of downtown. The attack killed Ezzedin immediately.
According to Damanga sources, the attackers were trying to hijack his car and killed him when he would not cooperate. Unfortunately, the killers were able to escape without being stopped.

The late Ezzedin was the Local Minister of Culture and Youth with the government and part of the Barno African Tribe. He is very well known for being a good man with a great reputation. Mr. Ezzedin, who was almost 64 years old when he was killed, was a husband and a father of three children.

Arbokny Incident March 27,2009
March 27, 2009- Two people driving on a motorcycle through the village of Arbokny, a few miles North east of Ardamata area, were attacked by unidentified gunmen. The attackers used a robe mechanism to stall the two motorcyclists and then proceeded to open fire on them. Luckily, no one was killed, but those that were injured in the attack are now hospitalized.

According to Damanga sources, one of the attackers was caught while escaping through a nearby valley. No more details have been received regarding his whereabouts.
Al-bashir Confesses his Involvement in the Darfur Genocide

Damanga has received significant Information from its sources, confirming that President Al-bashir has confessed to his supporters during his recent visit to Darfur, that he made a big mistake leaving “his job” unfinished. After the ICC Indictment and the issuance of the arrest warrant, Bashir said that he should have “got rid of” all major Darfurian tribes, especially the Massaleit, Fur, Zagawa and Dajo, “before anyone knew about them”. He also accused the Massaleit tribe as the initiators of the Darfur issue and claimed that they instigated UN and Western media involvement. Bashir further blamed the Janjaweed for allowing this issue to gain global attention, citing the fact that he provided finances, food, and other resources for the militia to be able to “deliver an empty land”, free of the previously mentioned tribes, in a timely manner.

In regards to the recent indictment and the issuance of the arrest warrant, President Al-Bashir has warned his government personnel and the Janjaweed that he will not face such punishment alone: “Most of the militias are trying to get away…and leave me to face justice alone. I will never let them alone, and I will take them with me wherever I go.” The president has acted upon these statements by attacking Arab militias to enforce his message. On March 25, 2009, under the order of the president, government airplanes attacked the “Um Shedira” base, thirty miles southeast of Al-geneina. Sources indicate that thousands of stolen animals, which were kept at the base, were killed during the attacks, and an unidentified number of Janjaweed families were killed as well. President Al-Bashir has also individually threatened select Janjaweed militias, specifically those who will not cooperate with him following the announcement of the indictment, and indicated that he will “make them pay for their lack of cooperation”.

Clash Over Arms in Al-geneina
March 24, 2009- Government armed personnel groups attacked one another in the small market of  “Souk El-ramla” (“Souk of Gesh”) inside the city of Al-geneina around 2 p.m.  The scuffle killed four individuals, and left eight more with serious injuries.
Some sources indicate that the fighting was caused by an unfair arms transaction involving financial issues. Other sources indicate that certain personnel released confidential information to police, causing uproar from both government personnel parties.
Witnesses have confirmed that both groups were comprised of individuals from the Janjaweed or government security forces. All of those who were injured have been taken to the Army hospital in the Ardamata area of eastern Al-geneina.

Nyala Refugee Camps Updates
Damanga sources have reported that the Kalma and Domai refugee camps in Nyala received half of the food and water contributions needed to sustain the refugee population.  The El-Fashir and Al-geneina camps still have not received any supplies. None of the Nyala camps have received the necessary full rations, and medicine and shelters are still desperately needed. Only a few aid workers are left in the area and are becoming overwhelmed with their expanding duties. More help is desperately needed by the end of this month.